Residential Walls should be able to conveniently accommodate required services. Unlike any other project services play a very important and vital in the life of a residential building. Numerous technical agencies are involved in designing and providing essential, specialized and super specialized services to make residential building living for the betterment of the life's of its patrons. All these agencies have a very strong and rigid demand from the architect for the want of space for housing these services. These services are the heart and brain of the whole complex hence need immediate attention in event of slightest fault as a result easy repair of concealed services becomes an important design criterion.

Architects more involved in solving problems of form function and structures are often looking for new and better ways to solve the problem of housing the services and then the repair of concealed services.

HILUX WALLS come as a handy solution.

All metal vertical components are having in built slots at regular intervals, facilitating installation of all types of services (electrical and telephone conduit, computer wiring, water or gas pipe lines) throughout the length of wall. The vertical drops of services can easily be installed by taking support of metal frame. Even in already installed walls, it is very easy to access or change services by making small opening or removing switch boxes/ fixed objects. To say, the concept has freedom to make user to work with ease and fast from maintenance point of view.

Point Accessibility / Repair of Concealed Services

You can puncture the partition wherever required for attending to services. The repair work is easy and leaves no patch marks.

Joints created by joining pieces of HILUX are filled with jointing compound and sealed with fiber mesh tape. Then two layers of cement primer is applied on it which makes the joint invisible and surface becomes ready to take any decorative finish without slightest possibility of a patch.

No chasing, no cutting, no filling, no mess, no repairing with cement mortar / POP is required. It saves time / money as well as dealing with many agencies.

Light fixtures and switchboards can also be easily fixed using the recommended details.


Hilux Walls should be easy to maintain they should come to their original

Shape after repair without much effort.

Cleaning and maintenance is same as that of brick wall as its surface is ideal for applying any decorative wall finish.

In case of damage due to accident or repair work it can be repaired with easy and its repair leaves no mark is free of any curing process.

Minor Damage

If the damage is minor and superficial, i.e. paper surface scuffed of slightly indented, any roughness or the burring of the paper should be rubbed down with fine sand paper so that there is no paper left protruding, and the damaged area is filled flush with jointing compound in to layers, the first must be allowed to dry before the application of second. Finally application of one coat of cement primer will effectively conceal the damaged area and leave the surface ready for decoration.

Deep Impact Resulting From Heavy Impact Damaged Broken Edges

The remedial treatment required depends largely on the extent of damage. When the edge of the board has disintegrated it is necessary to remove the loose material. The surface of the board all-round the hole to be repaired should be scored about half an inch away from the sound plaster on the edges. A sharp knife should be used, held at 45 degree, leaning away from the hole. The paper is then peeled away and a coat of PVC sealer applied over the exposed surface and extended slightly over the cut edge on to the surrounding paper. This binds the paper edge and adjusts suction. The hole is then filled with jointing compound and struck off flush. It is advisable to use the material at a stiff consistency. When the filling sets, surface should be finished as described before.