Now, you can create it using not wood or marble but Hilux Calcium Silicate Board. It’s both decorative and functional way to change the personality of interiors. Create contemporary patterns–intricate and curved shapes. Try graphic patterned interiors – trellis or a rococo design.

Think unconventionally

Use it for Walls, Ceilings, Partitions, A.C Grills. Even lattice inspired Accessories.

Anything is possible.

Indoor Lattice Walls | Trellis Indoors or Outdoors | Lattice Privacy Panels | Acurio Lattice


Lattice 1 L001
Lattice 2 L002
Lattice 3 L003
Lattice 4 L004
Lattice 5 L005
Lattice 6L006
Lattice 7 L007
Lattice 8 L008
Lattice 9 L009
Lattice 10 L010
Lattice 11 L011
Lattice 12 L012
Lattice 13 L013
Lattice 14 L014
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