Wall Linings

Wall linings can be independent or fixed to the existing masonry walls to enhance the performance of the existing walls in respect of Fire resistance, Sound and Thermal insulation and or protecting from the continuous dampness. Independent wall lining can be formed by providing light weight steel frames or timber stud frames, behind the Ramco Hilux Calcium Silicate boards and Rock wool placed into the cavity.



Frame Work:

Perimeter angle or channel is fixed at 600mm centers with the help of nylon sleeves and wood screws of 38mm length as per lay out plan. Another angle or channel is fixed to the soffit in plumb to the above channel. Ceiling sections cut to required length i.e. distance between the floor and top channel minus 5mm. is placed vertically in between the floor and top channels at an interval of 610mm.

Board Fixing:

Tapered edge Hilux board are placed against the frame and screw fixed by self-drilling and taping screws having Phillips head with under head cutter, to it at 200mm centers. Screws should be min. 12-15 mm away from the edge and 40mm from the corners. A gap of 1.5 to 2mm is also provided between the boards.

Jointing and Finishing:

Joints of the boards are finished with specially formulated Jointing Compound & Fiber mesh tape to provide seamless finish.