Timber Stud Partition

Timber frame partition is made of timber studs of size 50x50mm placed at 610mm centres vertically as well as horizontally. 8mm thick Hilux boards, are then screw fixed on either side of all these studs at 200mm centres ( 12mm away from the edge and 40mm from the corners), with a gap of 1.5 to 2.00mm. Joints of boards are to be staggered in each layer to avoid through joints. All the joints of the boards are filled and finished with suitable jointing compound and 48 mm wide fiber tape to achieve a seamless finish. Feature joints like groove design can also be achieved by screwing square edge boards at required gap or decorated with wooden/metal mouldings.

System Thickness - 66 mm Sound Insulation - 39 dB Height - 3000 mm


Frame Work:

Timber frame is made by using seasoned wood of size 50x50mm to form a regular grid of 610x610mm size. These frames are fixed to the floor and soffit at 600mm centres with nylon sleeves and wood screws.

Board Fixing:

8mm thick Hilux taper edge boards, are screw fixed to either side of all timber studs by self-drilling and taping screws having phillips head with under head cutter, of suitable length (25mm + thickness of the board) at 200mm centres (12mm away from the edge and 40mm from the corners), with a gap of 1.5 to 2.0mm. The square edges of the boards are chamfered by 4x3mm or made tapered (40x1.5mm) by grinding them at site before fixing. Board joints are to be staggered to avoid through joints. Rock wool of required density can be placed in the cavity to enhance thermal and sound insulation properties.

Jointing and Finishing:

Hilux board joints are finished with suitable jointing compound and 48mm wide, self-adhesive fiber mesh tape to get seamless finish.