Dry Wall Installation Partition

Hilux partition consists of Calcium Silicate Board screw fixed to either side of timber, aluminium or light weight galvanizedmetal sections. The partitions are non-load bearing and can easily be assembled at site. The partitions can be used in most type of buildings, new or existing, like commercial, residential, industrial, hotels and hospitals, single to multiple storey buildings etc. The partitions can be simple space division, office cubicles (Low height partitions) to greater height partitions. These partitions can be erected in high humid areas and under humid conditions. The light weight metal sections in partitions make it cost effective and contribute towards savings on structural costs.

Method of Statement Partition

Step 1

To ensure starting line and level as per approved shop drawings. Starting line should be marked on end wall or column, slab soffit and floor slab.

Incase FRP

(Fix the Rockwool mat before installing the U channel for ensure to maintain the same level.) Fix the U Channels on floor with the help of anchor fastener and top U channel ensure evenness of slab soffit before installing the top U Channels at maximum 600mm centers and 50mm from end of channels or studs.

Step 2

Vertical Studs should be positioned within the channels to coincide with the abutments of the boards, which will be fixed later. The centers (either 300, 400 or 600mm) depend on the performance requirements. In general there is no requirement to secure the metal at this point as this will be achieved once the boards are screw-fixed. C Studs should be trimmed to within 5mm of the internal channel. C Studs can be extended by forming an overlap, boxing them at that point and securing them with Wafer Head screws. The overlap must be at 3 least 600mm.

Step 3

Install the First layer Boards screwed to the studs and channels at 200 mm centers of the frame work, with self-drilling and tapping screws having Phillips head with under cutter, for the boards respectively.

If Fire rated/Acoustic partition to be apply the Fire rated Sealant/Acoustic sealant at end edge/corner of the partition.

More layer of board to be installed based on performance requirements.

Step 4

Insulation (Rockwool/Glass wool) stud has been located in the U channels and one side has been boarded, the insulation should be inserted between the studs vertically.

Step 5

Install all boards should be offered up to the frame with the face of the board outwards and secured with self-drilling and tapping screws having Phillips head with under cutter at 200 mm on centers. When screwing the board should be 25mm from all corner and 15 mm from all side the boards. Boarding should commence at one end and work across the partition. At head, foot and abutments, board edges should be added on to continuous beads of sealant. Board joints in multiple layers should be staggered both vertically and horizontally by at least 600 mm. Fire rated partition/ Acoustic Partition to be apply the Sealant at end edge/corner of the partition.

Step 6

Make sure that the outer facing is tapered edge of the Boards are to be jointed and finished so as to have a flush look which includes filling and finishing with specially formulated jointing compound and 48mm wide self-adhesive fibre mesh tape. Cement Primer (Oil based) to be provided on entire surface before putty/ painting.

Openings for Door / window / Glazings:

Hilux partitions can easily provide opening for the doors/ windows or glazings by modifying the frame in its initial stage.

Jointing and Finishing:

Hilux board joints are finished with specially formulated jointing compound and 48mm wide, self-adhesive fiber mesh tape to get seamless finish.


Service should be incorporated before commencement of other side boards.