Hilux board surface can be decorated with most type of paints, wall papers, ceramic tiles and hard laminate up to 1mm thickness, after doing jointing and finishing.


Paints can be applied directly to the board surface. However oil based cement primer can be applied followed by putty work to achieve good finish.

Hard Laminates:
  • Hard laminates up to maximum 1mm thickness can laminated to the board surface after doing jointing and finishing as under:
  • Sand the whole surface with a sand paper to make it even and remove the dust with a cloth.
  • Sand the back surface of the laminate with sand paper to make it rough.
  • Use 16sft area of the laminate at one time.
  • Apply Finical SR-998 on the laminate surface and leave it to for some time, to get sticky
  • Apply the Finical SR-998 to the Hilux board surface.
  • Place the laminate against the board surface, matching the required line and press it hard enough with a cloth, from one end to the other, to remove air between the two surfaces. Please see that no air bubble is left on the surface.
  • Please do not try to touch this surface for minimum two hours.

It is essential that the Finical is first applied to the laminate and not to the board surface. The board surface sucks the adhesive much faster than the laminate and gets dry, which causes temporary sticking of laminate, which may leave the surface after some time.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles can be applied to the Hilux board surface by using branded tile adhesive.

Cornices / Moldings:

Readymade cornices and moldings can be screw fixed to the board surface. POP cornices cannot be made at site because the board surface sucks the water from POP and it may get cracks, however casted POP cornices can be screw fixed to the board surface.