Happy Redemptions!

You have trained with us, have recommended us, have been loyal to us and now to show our gratitude you will be rewarded by us. This loyalty program is all about how rewarding buying from us will be. Take a look at the rewards catalogue and aim high to redeem your choicest gifts.

Ramco Applicator Connect is an Applicator loyalty program offered by Ramco Industries Limited. You can register yourself in this program by filling a registration form and by submitting copies of valid identification document at an Applicator Meet, RIL authorized dealer point and at the Ramco Applicator Training Program Centres.

Once the registration form and identification are received and verified, you will be enrolled in the program and provided with a Welcome Kit that includes a passbook and Ramco ID card.

You can accumulate points by updating purchase details of RIL products in your passbook. You may redeem these points for merchandize. The registered purchase will be approved by the RIL sales team, after which you will be rewarded with points.


Loyalty has its Rewards

Earn reward and points for every approved purchase of RIL products eligible in this program. This program covers Ramco Hilux and Ramco Hicem range of products only.

The reward points allocation matrix for general process shall be as under.

Applicator Connect - Loyalty Program

Bonus Points
Enrollment Bonus 50
Birthday Bonus 100

Loyalty has its Rewards

You will automatically become eligible for bonus points on crossing specific milestone levels. Milestone levels are predefined in the program by RIL and the rewards are in the form of bonus points

Milestone Bonus

A Milestone bonus of 200 points will be added when the total unredeemed purchase value reaches Rs. 50,000 and for every additional Rs. 50,000 thereon.

Purchase Value Qty. Points Enrollment Points Birthday Bonus Milestone Points Total
5000 100 50 100 - 250
10,000 200 50 100 - 350
25,000 500 50 100 - 650
50,000 1000 50 100 200 1350
1,00,000 2000 50 100 400 2250
2,00,000 4000 50 100 800 4950
5,00,000 10000 50 100 2000 12150
10,00,000 20000 50 100 4000 24150

Ramco Industries Limited

Ramco Industries Limited (RIL) is part of the US$ 1 billion Ramco Group with interests in Cement, Dry Wall & Ceiling products, Roofing products, Cotton yarn, Surgical cotton and Computer Software. With 12 plants across South Asia and a 8,000 strong partner network, Ramco Industries isone of the leading building materials manufacturers in South Asia and has beenat the forefront of innovation answering perplexing challenges with definitive solutions.

Redemption Gifts

Accumulated Points  
30000 Trip to Goa (2 Nights) for 2 people
25000 Trip to Ooty (2 Nights) for 2 people
20000 4 Grams Gold
15000 3 Grams Gold
10000 2 Grams Gold
5000 50 Grams Silver
4000 Premium Men's Watch
3000 Mixer Grinder
1500 Copper Pitcher
1000 Milton Thermosteel Bottle
750 Sonata Men's Watch / Bajaj Popular light weight Iron Box
500 Dinner Plate Set of 3 Pcs / Zebronics Multimedia Speakers
250 T Shirt

Terms and Conditions

  1. Ramco Applicator Connect Program is offered by Ramco Industries Limited for selected and enrolled Applicators.
  2. There is a one-time process for enrollment to the Ramco Applicator Connect Program, which is mandatory, Applicators are free to join the program any time they wish to at any of the following venues
    • RIL Dealer
    • RIL authorized dealer point
    • Ramco Applicator training program
  3. The following documents are to be submitted by Applicators for enrollment in the Ramco Applicator Connect Program: Ramco Applicator enrollment form Photocopy of identity and address proof (including photograph e.g. Voters ID / Passport / Driving License / Ration Card / Pan Card)
  4. Each enrolled Applicator in Ramco Applicator Connect Program will earn reward points and basis the slab, the reward points will be credited to their account (pass book)
  5. The enrollment date of an Applicator in the Ramco Applicator Connect Program is the date of the generation of his Ramco Applicator Connect Program ID in the system.
  6. The enrolling Applicator has to ensure that he furnishes original receipts of purchases and any misrepresented information will result in permanent disqualification from the program and all future schemes run by Ramco Industries Limited.
  7. Every purchase of RIL products worth INR 10,000 or above before tax invoice value from Ramco Industries Limited authorized dealer or sub-dealer, will earn Applicator Connect reward points.
  8. Reward points will be awarded against reporting & verification of sales from RIL Authorized Dealer or sub-dealer. The sales claimed by the Applicator will be verified from the dealer or sub-dealer by RIL.
  9. Ramco Industries Limited reserves the right to change modify alter or close the Applicator Connect program at any point of time without giving any prior notice or reasonable for the same.
  10. Ramco Industries Limited computation of the reward mechanics shall be final, conclusive and binding on the enrolled members.
  11. Redemption of reward points against any outstanding or payments due to any authorized dealer or sub-dealer are not permitted.
  12. Ramco Industries Limited or its designated agency is not responsible for delays in courier of post for the claims or documentation to be received as part of the program
  13. Under no circumstances are the reward points transferable between companies and individuals or from one scheme to another.
  14. The merchandise available in catalogue would carry its routine manufacture warranty unless mentioned otherwise thereof. For all requests for maintenance warranty replacement issues, the carpenter/contractor has to directly contact the manufacturer/authorized dealer or sub-dealer.
  15. All products featured in the gift catalogue are subject to availability of the goods and supplier warranties restriction at the time of redemption. RIL gives no warranty what so ever with respect to the products services offered in the rewards program.
  16. RIL reserves the right to cancel change or substitute any reward at any time without any prior notice. Ramco Industries Limited will not be responsible for products or vouchers or if passbook is stolen, damaged or lost in transit.
  17. Reward merchandise received in damaged condition should be reported within 48 hours or RIL will not be responsible for the same later on.
  18. Please check the availability at stores of any gift voucher before placing the order. RIL will not be responsible for same later on.
  19. Merchandise will reach the partner within 4-5 weeks of receipt of the order subject to availability.
  20. The period of Ramco Applicator Connect Program will be 1 year.
  21. In case of unavailability of a products / service or model or logistical constraints in delivery of a products to certain locations, carpenter / contractor may be advised to avail vouchers as per the catalogue in lieu the said products / service
  22. The existence of a dispute if said any, regarding products services shall not constitute a claim against Ramco Industries Limited. Ramco Industries Limited’s decision will be final and binding, In case of any disputes over the program implementation. The decision disputes. If any, are subject to courts of Chennai.