Application Features


Score-and-snap: It is a fast and efficient way of cutting Hilux boards, detailed as under.

  • Scoring is done with hard pointed tool on the face side of the board.
  • Position straight edge along the line of the cut.
  • Score against straight edge and repeat the action to obtain adequate depth for a clean break.
  • Snap upward to achieve break.
  • Clean up edges with a rasp file or 60 grade sand paper.

The boards can also be cut with the carpenter’s handsaw. The use of circular saw with Carbide tipped blade is most efficient way of getting neat & clean cutwith speed.


Hilux boards can be beveled easily with carpenter’s tools.


The edges of the boards can be smoothened by using carpenter’s plainer


6.0 mm thick boards can be bend to minimum 600mm radius, to make curved linings i.e. curved partitions, false ceilings and wall linings.

Fittings and Fixtures

It is easy and simple to attach different hangings to Hilux boards. Inclined nails can be fixed to the boards itself for light materials. For heavier materials the fastening should be centered on internal stud work or steel or wood frame behind the board, fixed before boarding.

Handling and storage

Hilux boards should be carried on edges, preferably by two persons. The boards should not be carried in flat position. The boards should be stacked horizontally on a flat surface under covered area. Wooden pallets / battens, not more than 400mm apart, can be used to keep the boards away from the moisture from the ground. The boards should be lifted, not dragged. Protect the boards with heavy waterproof covering if stored out side and shift them inside at the earliest possible. If the boards do get damp, they should be dried by standing them at long edge to allow for ventilation. Never install damp boards.

Seamless Finish

Hilux boards can provide seamless finish decorated with most forms of paints, wall papers and laminates.

Screw / Nail-holding

Hilux boards have the capacity to hold nails and screws and do not require any backing frame to hang light weight objects like picture frames.sufficient to hold the tape with the board surface