Sound Insulated Partition - 39 dB (66 mm)

A non- load bearing, 66 mm thick metal stud partition up to a height of 3000 mm.

Sound Insulated Partition 39db 66mm


  • Overall Thickness
  • Maximum Height
  • Fire Resistance
  • Sound Insulation(100-3150 Hz)
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 66 mm
  • 3000 mm
  • 1 hour
  • 39 dB

Main System

66 mm thick metal stud partition comprising of a composite framework which includes a 48 mm stud of 0.55 mm thick and having two unequal flanges of 34 and 36 mm each placed at 610 mm center to center in 50 mm floor and ceiling channel with two equal flanges of 32mm each fixed to floor and ceiling at 600mm center, with the help of nylon sleeves and wood screws. One layer of 8 mm thick Hilux board is then screw fixed by 25 mm long self drilling and tapping screws having Phillips head with under head cutter, to the studs and channels on both sides of the frame work. The board’s joints are to be staggered to avoid through passage.

Jointing & Finishing

Finally edges of the facing boards are to be jointed and finished so as to have a seamless finish which includes filling and finishing with specially formulated jointing compound and self-adhesive fibre tape. Cement Primer (Oil based) to be provided on entire surface before putty/painting


Acoustic sealant is provided on the perimeter of the partition and also with any type of opening like doors, windows etc. A Horizontal Intermediate channel is to be provided for every 3 feet level on both sides, if the partition height exceeds the board length to provide edge support to the board.

Bill of Quantity (for 100 m2) for 3 m height

1. Hilux board 6’ x 4’ – 08 mm 90 Nos.
2. Floor & ceiling channels 0.55 x 50 x 32 x 32 x 3660 mm 23 Nos.
3. Steel stud 0.55 x 48 x 48 x50 x 2440 mm 46 Nos.
4. Intermediate channel 0.9 x 45 x 15 x 15 x 3660 mm 55 Nos.
5. Self drilling & tapping screws 25 mm long 2700 Nos.
6. Jointing compound 20 Kg 6 Bags
7. Self-adhesive fibre tape 48 mm wide 4 Rolls